Longacres Riding School - Lydiate, Merseyside


  1. Feb 01st 2016. Occasional User - Under 18

    ecWGBP http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com

  2. Oct 25th 2012. Regular User - Over 18

    Very friendly and great if you want to start learning how to ride.

  3. Oct 17th 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    My daughters have been going to Longacres now for about 3 months they love it - staff are very friendly and very encouraging towards young riders, the horses are very well looked after would recommend

  4. Jul 04th 2012. Regular User - Over 18

    Excellent school my daughter joined 18 months ago and has progressed well lovely ponies friendly staff and children make friend just perfect great value for money as well just great couldn't fault it.

  5. May 17th 2012. Regular User - Over 18

    As a parent riding schools can't get any better wonderful place lovely for everybody staff are friendly and will try to be of assistance perfect riding lovely horses

  6. Apr 09th 2012. Regular User - Over 18

    Longacres is a friendly caring place I would reccomend it to everyone horses well looked after

  7. Feb 10th 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    Longacres is a wonderful riding school it shows some real passion in youngsters and there love for horses longacres horses are well trained prices are good quality for the lesson I would reccomend it.

  8. Feb 09th 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    I work at longacres and lead. New comers i have never hada single complaint hospitality is great cleanliness fantastic canre and love for the horses outstanding I think longacres is lovely

  9. Jan 18th 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    Longacres is by far the best riding school I have ever been to I enjoy riding roxy and phoebe I would defiantly reccomend longacres to anybody. Staff are friendly and give all the horses care and love

  10. Jan 14th 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    I go to longacres regularly and enjoy my time there the staff are very patient and care for the horses in there best interest I would recommend longacresl to anyone

  11. Jan 03rd 2012. Regular User - Under 18

    Me and my friend Lucy have been going to longacres riding school for just over a year now and we enjoy every lesson. The staff are friendly and care for the horses and ponies in the best way they can.

  12. Oct 13th 2011. Regular User - Over 18

    My daughter loves Longacres. Staff are really sound and excellent teachers who bring out the best in the youngsters. Horses are well looked after and clearly trained to high standards.Safe environment

  13. Mar 01st 2011. Regular User - Over 18

    my daughter joined nearly 12 months ago and loves it she has moved on with lessons fantasticly and the staff,are great recomend for anyone novice or experienced,just my honest opinion as a parent


Longacres Riding School

290 Southport Road
L31 4EQ

Tel: 0151 526 0327


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