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Directory and Reviews of UK Horse Riding Schools, Colleges, Livery Yards and Holidays

Welcome to UK Horse Rider Guide - an extensive online directory and reviews of riding schools, livery yards, riding holidays, disabled riding schools, carriage driving, riding instructors, western riding schools and equestrian colleges across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. UK Horse Rider Guide website aims to help horse riders make an informed choice on where to take horse riding lessons, a horse riding holiday or find a UK based livery yard.

Easily find UK Horse Riding Schools, Colleges, Livery Yards, Carriage Driving, Riding Instructors and Riding Holidays to Suit You - Each yard has its own page with contact details and a location map; as well as ratings and comments written by other users of UK Horse Rider Guide.

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The Benefits of Horse Riding

GET OUT OF THE GYM AND IN TO THE SADDLE!   Horse riding has both cardiovascular and muscle conditioning benefits.  An hour of horse riding burns the same amount of calories as a 30 minute jog or cycle ride (according to Calorie Control Council - Fit Facts) as well as toning and strengthening the major muscle groups in the body such as the abdominals, obliqu... Read More